[Pentamation] PERS Reporting continued

Michele Wahlstrom wahlstromm at nwasco.k12.or.us
Fri Oct 20 10:36:55 PDT 2006

OK, here is the response I received from PERS this morning:
Dear PERS employer,
You have submitted a report in the CERT environment using the Version 2 (new) data file format. That report has met or exceeded the 85% threshold and has posted.
Effective now, PERS has switched you from Version 1 (old) format to Version 2 (new) format in the EDX production environment. From this point forward, the Format Version Code in the Header record must always be 2.
Thank you for your efforts.
Best regards,
PERS Employer Education & Training Team
I checked the file and it does show a "2" in the header record (new format).  If I pull up an old file, there is nothing in this field.
Looks like I have successfully migrated!  I'll let you know if I have any problems sending my report at the end of the month.

Michele Wahlstrom
Payroll Specialist - North Wasco County School District 21
wahlstromm at nwasco.k12.or.us
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