[Pentamation] Updates to Pentamation Listserver hosted by R9ESD

Dave Karlson dkarlson at r9esd.k12.or.us
Thu Sep 7 09:15:52 PDT 2006

Pentamation Users:
We just migrated our Pentamation mailing list to a newer server.  
We were able to export the membership database from the old server and import it into the new server.  
This included some held and some un-subscribed members from the old server.  
One of the reasons for this inclusion of un-subscribed members is that there were some folks that were un-subscribed without their authorization on the old list (one of the problems that was fixed on the new server).
If you intentionally un-subscribed for *technical reasons* on how the old list worked, you may want to keep reading... and stay on the list if you like the answers below.  
If you still want to un-subscribe - there are instructions on how to do so on the list website (see link at bottom of this e-mail) or you can reply to this and we can take you off of it manually.
Features of the new server include
Default 'reply' address is now to the sender (not the whole list).  This should help reduce some of the traffic that is 'person to person' (instead of 'person to everybody').  If you want to *intentionally* reply and have the whole list see your reply, be sure to "Reply to All" in your email client (and it will go to the whole list).  Some list members un-subscribed because of the extraneous spurious traffic in the past... hopefully this will make folks happier with this issue.
2)  SPAM/VIRUS filtering
All traffic to/from the listserver is now filtered for spam and viruses. Although the old server would only take posts from members (not from anonymous spam or virus boxes)... occasionally a spammer would spoof a legitimate sender address and a spam would get through. This should eliminate this.
On the previous list management software, e-mail attachments caused huge pain and heartache.  They were possible... but made it hard to read the text of the e-mail itself.  This problem is fixed - and attachments should 'just work'.  There is a limit on the *size* of attachments. Be sure to try to keep your attachments to a few hundred Kilobytes (under 1MB) and you should be fine.
E-mail to the list will be accepted if you send it to the list @list.r9esd.k12.or.us AND/OR if you send it to lists.r9esd.k12.or.us
This should help folks if they can't remember the syntax of the list address, etc.
Because of the way un-subscribe requests were handled by the old listserver software, incoming spams could trigger an un-subscription event for a list user (without their knowledge or consent).  The new list handles un-subscribes differently (requiring a confirmation instead of 'just doing it').  Also, the spam filter will reduce this type of unauthorized un-subscription traffic in general.
If you want to look at old posts to the list (with history starting today), you can do so easily by going to http://list.r9esd.k12.or.us This should hopefully make it easier to track down information that was posted weeks/months ago.  The old server did have an archive feature - but the server that it was on was low on space - so the archive only went back a few weeks (not for "years" like it will starting now)
Hope you like the new list!
- Dave Karlson
Director, Information Technology
Region Nine Education Service District
The Dalles, Oregon
(voice) 541-298-3140
(fax) 541-298-3141
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