[Pentamation] PERS Reporting

Tami Morelock tmoreloc at lane.k12.or.us
Wed Aug 29 10:49:40 PDT 2007

I wanted to ask the group a couple of questions about the PERS 
reporting process and the updates that we see on the screen.  I was 
told about the changes after the fact by Dan Heberling.  My 
understanding is that one of the things the updates are supposed to 
do is allow us to create a report of demographics only that can be 
uploaded to the PERS website.  I have tried to do this a couple of 
different times and I get a message from EDX that I have a "bad 
format" in my report.  Has anyone else had this problem or is this 
working for you or not??  Please let me know any suggestions or 
comments that you may have that has helped or worked around to get 
the reports to post.

The second question I have is about LSVP.  Our Pentamation report 
does not have a field labeled LSVP only LSP.  Is everyone entering 
those manually, or am I the only one that does not have the LSVP 
field on our Pentamation report?  Are your records loading correctly 
for these pay types and if so, can you tell me about your process and 
how it is working for you.

Thanks to everyone for the help.  Tami

Tami Morelock
South Lane School District
Payroll Administrative Assistant
PO Box 218
Cottage Grove, OR  97424
(541)942-3381 X117
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