[Pentamation] Problem

Cross, Lisa Lisa.Cross at threerivers.k12.or.us
Mon Feb 4 09:50:32 PST 2008

We have found the following problem and cannot resolve it ourselves:

In the "Expenditure Ledger", budget code 210221013100008 - 412, it shows
an encumbrance of $500.00.  If you "drill" down to the Transactions
screen, there is no encumbrance listed.  If you then pull up
210221013100007 - 412, it shows just the opposite problem.

Account 210221013100008 - 410 and 210221013100007 - 410 has a similar

I believe this problem occurred when we had budget codes "mass" added.
If you were able to delete the encumbrance, or move it back to "07" that
would be great!

Thank you,

Lisa Cross
Accounting Manager
Three Rivers School District
P.O. Box 160, Murphy, Oregon 97533
Phone: 541.862.3111 Ext:5260
Fax: 541.862.3119

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