[Pentamation] PERS reporting in Pentamation... issues with district paid annuities

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Please reply if:
1.)  You have district paid annuities
2.)  You have district paid annuities for classified hourly employees
3.)  You have district paid annuities for working retirees
If yes, to any of the above
1.)  How do you add district paid annuity amount to gross wages for PERS upload purposes?
2.)  If the employee is not eligible for PERS, and therefore has no PERS deduction codes, how do you add the district paid annuity amount to the gross wages         before uploading the PERS report?  
Remember, all  wages must be reported on all employees to PERS, the only exception is retiree stipends.  
The reason why the district paid annuity  is important information to have is that IF the employee becomes eligible and you have to go back to add contributions for the entire year then the district paid annuity information is required.  
It has been  discovered that Pentamation is not adding the district paid annuity amount to wages if the employee does not have the PERS deduction code because they are not eligible. 
It is understood that the PERS retirement screen adds the district paid annuity amount to the wages when the PERS report is loaded in Pentamation.  The problem is the district paid annuity is NOT being added when an employee does not have PERS deduction codes because they are not yet PERS eligible.
Any comments or fixes you have on this matter would be greatly appreciated.  The size of our district makes it to labor intensive to hand adjust each individual employee that is affected.
Hopefully we can add this to our FIN SOUP agenda for further discussion.

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Subject: [Pentamation] FinSOUP Meeting!!! Monday, January 28th, 9:30 to 2:00

Good Morning,

I was able to secure a room here at WESD so we can have our Quarterly meeting.  There are several things on the agenda already:

1. Consolidated Staff Collections (USID Numbers)

2. Budget Prep

3. Personnel Budgeting

4. New 4.2 Impending Release


If you have agenda items please forward them to me as soon as possible. 


Would you please RSVP so I may have a count on the number of folks attending. 

 Also, we will keep a watch on the weather!



Gwen E. Gardner

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