Gardner, Gwen Gwen.Gardner at wesd.org
Tue Sep 30 08:43:56 PDT 2008

Good Morning,
Four updates!!!!

1. If you have not yet registered for this year's FinSOUP Conference, please do so soon.  The address for the electronic registration is www.wesd.org/fin-soup.

2. Also, I am looking for two volunteers, one to lead the New Users Session on Personnel.  Our idea for that session is to refresh folks on the items needed for the Consolidated Collections.  As well as a general overview of the personnel software.

3. The other session that still has no leader is Payroll: Workers' Comp Balancing.  If someone has been successful in balancing their Workers' Comp.  please come forward and share your methods!

4. There is a slight change in the agenda.  In place of the the Electronic Time Sheet Session we will be having a Tips and Tricks Session.  That sessions will have as many day to day items of "How Toos" that we can gather.  For instance, Downloading reports to Excel, changing report to the PDF format.

Waiting to hear from volunteers!!!

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