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Thank you so much  Michele and Tami. :)

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I just found out that I do have one small error in my state table -- single  table -- should be $41.17 after the $10,000 line item in the monthly, not $41.67.  Thanks to Tami at South Lane for the catch!!

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Hello all,

A special thank you to Michele at North Wasco and Marcella at Central for all of your help and contributions, I couldn't have done it without you. :)

I have researched and conferred with two districts that these are the new tax rates for 2012.  I appreciate the responses I got from the list serv.  Please do your own research too, and let me and the group know if you interpret something different then I did, so we can talk about it and hopefully have it  correct by the first payroll of 2012.

The research came from the following web sites:


The state set up has only put out an annual formula with the caveat to divide them out to fit into the proper number of pay periods.  Also, on page 5 of this document, the formulas cap out at $50,000.  However, when you look at page 6, the formulas start at ~38,000 and ~41,000, rather than at 50,000, so this was confusing.   Also, they actually decrease in the 50,000 - formula on the next step. If you have any questions on the State set up please call the Dept of Revenue for clarification.

Just remember, I cannot guarantee any of this, it is your responsibility to check and calculate for your district.

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