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I have contacted Pentamation and they told me that there was a tax update applied to the districts on 4.3 and  they think maybe they missed applying it to 4.2 districts.  They are looking into it and will get back to me.  They have the case marked critical so it will go to the top of the list.  I will keep you all posted.

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Our District has been working with the Dept. of Revenue and has checked with non-Pentamation users to determine if our Pentamation is working correctly calculating the State tax payroll deductions. It's not! I had the Dept. of Revenue review a record and they said our system is not calculating right.

For example: Any employee earns $59,500. Employee claims Married and 4. This employee should have $273 deducted for state. However, Pentamation says $18. We ran spot checks with several individuals and they were all very similar.

We want to warn districts to do spot checks on your $50K + income earners. We've confirmed with at least one other Pentamation user school district their calculations are incorrect.


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