[Pentamation] 2012 State Tax Tables

Michele Wahlstrom wahlstromm at nwasco.k12.or.us
Mon Jan 9 13:16:32 PST 2012

Yes, I concur.  The tables you sent in this message are the tables from
LAST year, not the 2012 setup.  There are weird things going on with the
tables this year, but I called the Dept. of Revenue here, and set them up
following their formulas and the information they gave me just like in
years past.  When I tested them this morning after the initial e-mail, the
staff whose payroll was under $50,000 annually worked, but those over
$50,000 were way off.  When you are looking at the information the state
sent out, it IS very confusing trying to come up with the correct formulas.
 There is actually a tax break of some sort for those making over $50,000
annually over last year (confirmed with Shiloh at DOR), but not as big a
break as the tables are calculating.

The DOR info is here:


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