[Pentamation] Yesterday's FinSoup Conference

Lynda Mann lmann at junctioncity.k12.or.us
Tue Mar 6 13:45:25 PST 2012


Good Afternoon.... 

After coming home from yesterday's FinSoup
Conference and discussing different issues with co-workers, we have 2

1- Can anyone tell me about or send me in the right
direction of a product I believe was called In-Touch? It is a receipting
program used for Student Body books. It sounds like a great tool and we
would like to look into it further. 

2- I went to the class on
Electronic Time Sheets and I have some interest. If I understood
correctly, on an individuals time sheet you could have separate lines
for different accounts, example: 3 hours IDEA, 3 hours GF. Is this true?
Is this type of documentation acceptable for the Federal Funds, and if
so, could someone send me a screen shot of that so I can show my
Business Manager? 

Thanks so much! 

Lynda Mann 


City School District 

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