[Pentamation] Federal Funding Requirements/Timesheets

Tami Bush tami.bush at slane.k12.or.us
Mon Jul 22 09:46:27 PDT 2013

Good Morning All,
Last year when I attended the WESD fin soup meetingI attended an 
electronic timecard presentation.  In the course of that presentation 
there were some side discussions regarding requirements for our auditors 
for federal funded positions and differences. I would like information 
from districts who use Pauley, Rogers as auditors and what they use as 
documentation for time spent for both classified and salaried positions 
and for both 100% federal funds or split funded employees. It seems to 
me that one of the districts that I remember speaking with said that 
they were allowed to print a detailreport of some sort for employees to 
sign off on and that the actual timecard did not have to show the split 
hours (and that the electronic version was accepted)??  Does any of this 
sound familiar to anyone or will any of you share what you use as 
documentation and what your process is? Im hoping you may be able to 
help me. We are now using Pauly Rogers and wanted to keep things 
consistent with what other districts who use them and who also use 
Pentamation products are doing.  Please contact me so that we can 
chat... I appreciate your time. Tami, South Lane School District.


*Tami Bush*

*South Lane School District*

*Payroll Administrative Assistant*

*PO Box 218*

*Cottage Grove, OR 97424*

*541-942-3381 X117*

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