[Pentamation] Organization chart changes for 2018-2019?

Cecelia Koontz ckoontz at central.k12.or.us
Mon Jan 22 16:05:17 PST 2018

Great questions, Susan.

I, too, use the 1111 function with my Curriculum/Assessment cost center
(location). I typically do that for textbooks and supplies that will be
spread among all elementaries. I think we are all mindful of the appearance
of inflated ‘overhead’ (2xxx), but it is a problem that it won’t be
reflected in our ESSA spending.

I also hate the thought of adding to area codes (long, cumbersome budget
codes and changing the whole chart of accounts).

I think the best solution is to push more direct spending to the buildings
(pro rating invoice payments, for example).

Another example of where I have ‘aggregated’ spending for convenience:
Print Shop (we don’t currently charge out print jobs, but with more
on-demand curriculum, we are under-reporting spending by buildings) that I
might change for ESSA reporting.

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I was awake at 3:00 am this morning thinking more about the ESSA
requirement to code costs to a building location versus a cost center (ie.
the department responsible for the budget).  Currently, it is really easy
for me to print a administrator's budget because I can filter on cost
center.  If cost center is the location code - then I will have some


An elementary school (cost center 119)  has a discretionary supply budget
and we use the following budget code:

100-1111-119-00000  410

The District Curriculum department (cost center 300) also has a
discretionary supply budget that could include costs that need to allocated
to each elementary school "location".

100-1111-300-00000 410.

If I need to allocate the curriculum costs to a building location I have
the following options:

1. I could restrict Function 2210 (improvement of instruction) to only the
Curriculum department and not allow them to use functions used at the
building level.  However, I would not be able to restrict use of these
account codes to the building users based on the cost center in the user

2. I could use the area code to denote "cost center" (because we have 5
digits for area when we just need 3 digits for ODE, we can use the last two
digits to define out cost centers), but that would be a nightmare change to
the chart of accounts.

3. I do nothing and do journal entries at year end to allocate certain cost
centers to building locations.  I strategically push to budget more at the
building level when appropriate.

4.  We ask PowerSchool to add a "location code".

I apologize for the light bulb being slow to light, but I think we do need
to reconsider whether we need a location code in addition to a cost
center.  I hate to have such a long string of accounts.

Suzan, I am curious what other states are doing?  Do other states use both
a cost center and a location code?

Other schools, do you perceive similar problems?


*Susan Escure*

Finance Director

McMinnville School District

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On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 6:24 PM, Suzan Andrews <suzan.andrews at powerschool.com>

Thank you for responding to this message.  I appreciate the confirmation
that our Oregon customers will not need to update their account structures
for ESSA.

We look forward to additional information in the future about reporting


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*Subject:* RE: [Pentamation] Organization chart changes for 2018-2019?

Hi Susan,

At this time, I am of the opinion the only changes to our Program Budget
and Accounting Manual, in light of new ESSA reporting requirements, will be
our recommendations for the use of function and object codes at the
district or school level - no new codes. It is anticipated this guidance
will be in an exhibit that we will add to the current 2016 PBAM. We are
currently working through this process and hope to have guidance ready by

The good news: Oregon already does a pretty good job of reporting at the
school level, as our systems already support this level of detail. The bad
news: Some districts are better than others at reporting expenditures at
the school level, which will take some time to change that culture.

More news: We can create a report right now using school-level expenditure
data, but it wouldn’t be very meaningful in telling a good story and would
likely create more questions than answers. What we’re also working on at
this time is how to display the data so that we are comparing similar
schools and demographics, and what to include and not include in the
financial data. This is a similar challenge at the national level.

With that, I hope this is helpful and more details to come as we work
through the reporting requirements.


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*Subject:* Re: [Pentamation] Organization chart changes for 2018-2019?

Michael, the Oregon group of PowerSchool eFinance users are wanting to know
if we need to change our organizational account structure to comply with
the new ESSA regulations.

I believe the cost center code allows us to segregate costs by building and
that is what ESSA is requiring for our annual state report cards.
 Therefore, we do not need to change our organizational account structure,

Will there be more discussion of what should be reported by building versus
by district code?

Thank you.

*Susan Escure*

Finance Director

McMinnville School District

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On Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 9:48 AM, Pat Rufo <prufo at blachly.k12.or.us> wrote:

I was confused about that as well.

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On 2017-12-26 07:47, Michele Wahlstrom wrote:

Good morning, all.

I have received a couple of emails from Power School regarding
updating the chart of accounts in eFinancePlus to reflect necessary
changes to comply with ESSA.  The initial email stated that Oregon was
one of the states that would need to update their chart of accounts.

However, I can find nothing in the ODE world that would reflect
necessitating changes at this point in time.  Am I missing something?
As I know you are all aware, this would be a huge project that would
need to be completed prior to budgeting, which means we need to be
moving forward now.

Any thoughts?

Thanks and happy holidays!


North Wasco County School District 21
Payroll & Benefits Specialist
wahlstromm at nwasco.k12.or.us
541-506-3420, Ext. 1008
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