[Pentamation] Summer Pay Fiscal Year Accruals

Michele Wahlstrom wahlstromm at nwasco.k12.or.us
Wed Aug 14 10:57:37 PDT 2019

Good morning.

We are considering using the Summer Pay Fiscal Year Accruals in the
future.  Right now, we pay out our school year round staff who have chosen
to be paid in 12 paychecks in 3 separate payrolls all run in June.  This
allows us to account for all of the appropriate expenses in the correct
fiscal year.

I remember looking at this in the past and thinking that it would not work
very well with payroll in K-12 setting.  However, that may not be the case,
so we are pursuing this option.

I am wondering whether any of you have used this option before.  I am going
to set this up in the training database to do some test runs so we can see
how it looks, as just reading the manual is a little confusing.  But I have
a few questions that immediately pop into mind in looking briefly at the

   1. In the cautions, it says that any pay rates associated with Summer
   Pay Fiscal Year Accruals should not be modified after the Post option is
   run and before the last payroll associated with the summer pay runs has
   been processed.  Does this mean that if I have staff who are not being paid
   until August 20th in the prior fiscal year that we could not attach them to
   a new salary schedule and/or give step increases in their pay rate until
   after this August 20th pay run?
   2. How about PERS?  I am assuming (again, I have not run this in the
   training database yet) that if the PERS rates change as of July 1st as they
   did this year, that these accrued summer payrolls would have to be run at
   the new PERS rates since they are paid in July and August?
   3. Same issue as with #2 above on the tax reports.  Would the 941's,
   unemployment, transit tax, OQ reports include these accrued payrolls in
   June or would they occur when run?

These are my major questions right now.  If anyone has done this, I would
really appreciate any expertise you may wish to share with us.

Thanks to all!

*Michele Wahlstrom*
North Wasco County School District 21
wahlstromm at nwasco.k12.or.us
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