[Pentamation] Budget Prep Qs

Mary Bowen mbowen at cgesd.k12.or.us
Mon Mar 18 09:15:54 PDT 2019

Good morning - As a new business manager I am hoping somebody can help me. I am preparing the 2019-20 budget and would like to know how to inactivate budget codes. We've got several budget codes that we have not used for several years and I would like to eliminate them from showing up on reports.

Second question - What is the easiest/best way to download the proposed budget into a budget document? The previous business manager typed everything into an Excel spreadsheet and I don't want to do it that way (too many chances for mistakes!).

Any guidance you can provide will be appreciated.

Mary Bowen
Columbia Gorge E.S.D.
400 East Scenic Drive #207
The Dalles, OR 97058

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